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The temperature of a drink is one of the most important factors when consumers are making a purchasing decision; no one wants to consume a warm drink, but majority of the bottles are stored and sold at room temperature. Many consumers will not but a warm beverage or will go somewhere else to make the purchase; don't lose loyal customer and sales on your most profitable items! Glacier Bags allow you to sell ALL your bottles cold to help increase sales and keep your customer coming back.

Provide customers with the option to purchase a Glacier Bag with their bottles and/or 6-packs of bottles/cans. Customers pick their favorite beverage, place it in the glacier bag, and add ice. Glacier Bag starts to chill your beverage instantly so it perfect for consumption when arriving at your destination; it's perfect for outdoor events and gifting bottles while quickly cooling them. Glacier Bags can also be used to sell ice by simply filling the bag with ice (without adding a beverage); this is a great way to start selling ice, or eliminate your ice cost by selling ice made on premise. If you do not have an ice machine, we will provide a slim profile ice machine to each of your locations (at no cost) with the purchase of Glacier Bags.

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